Comedians as Lenses

I suppose there has always been tiers of joke-tellers versus observational humorists. Nothing wrong with a good joke teller. But there's something striking when a comedian hits a fundamental nerve. When they point out something that nobody had perceived in that way before.

George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, Louis CK tend bat higher at this. (Lots of others, but those come to mind.) And it's a good time to have YouTube, and be able to go through the archives to hear their sets.

Something really special when they turn a mirror to our internal biases or blind spots, and go "have you ever looked at this?"


Code Flow

I'm not an efficient coder. I forget things. I make very simple mistakes. I google things constantly.

And yet if it's something new, I can still get into a flow state. It's neither fun or demoralizing, it simply is. I'm just coding. 

Now if I could only do that with exercise.

Framing Feedback

It's weird to get feedback from a peer when you sense their framing is off. 

It feels like you asked a motorcycle expert to give their opinion on a car design. It could work out. But sometimes it's seems like their statements are "Yeah I don't know...have you thought about removing some wheels? I think there's too many wheels."

"But we're making a car."

"Yeah, I get that. But definitely too many wheels. Is even the steering mechanism...a wheel as well? I don't know..."


Empathy as a Practice

I made it a goal this month to actively practice empathy, but I'm finding it difficult.

The daily trials of life is superbly distracting, and easy to be in my own head. Also, when you're out of practice, it's hard to see where you can practice it. 

It's the first day of doing this, and I'm already a bit discouraged. But being active about it, and getting aware might be the more reasonable task at-hand.

Small Things

I found one of my weaknesses with work.

It's when it's the tail-end of projects, and there's cleanup to do.

All the tasks are so small, that they all seem unimportant.

So I end up not doing any of them. I sit there thinking that each one is so small that I could put it off until tomorrow. And I keep repeating until I realize I made a terrible situation for myself. 

I need to learn to take more deep breaths, and just dive in. Cleaning off the crumbs off the counter is part of the larger process of eating the sandwich. 


Moods are fickle, and ego is fragile. 

I get the worst hubris that my losses can be anticipated. And an ego that thinks it slip by quickly.

Both are terrible because it means I'm slow to start the recovery process. I think I can take a detour around the desert, only to learn that I have to deal with thirst regardless. 

It's taking me a bit to realize my losses, and worst I've only started to process the thoughts. But have to start somewhere.

Second Laurel

It's amazing how it can seem fresh in your mind, but the object itself has been old.

I was super stoked about my portfolio website, and obviously still am because I haven't touched it in years.

What a jarring moment to realize that I grew complacent, and worst off--I hadn't thought about a better alternative. No fresh ideas to update the old.

Weird to sin twice in one moment.

One Laurel

Resting on your laurels.

Just realizing one is thinking that you're advanced enough that the basics don't matter. I recently mis-executed not on the hard concepts. But rather on the simple things like thinking through a basic piece of UI. And worst is that it was during a presentation. So I goofed even the basics of staying loose. 

I froze. And I kept freezing because I was horrified that I froze.

Resting on your laurels is often plural, but turns out not all of them are the same type.